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Kid cooking classes at The Book Kitchen are like magical adventures in the world of food where kids can get creative in the kitchen and have fun!

We believe cooking is not just about eating buttered noodles or chicken fingers – it’s a journey to discover the amazing world of flavors, cultural ethnicities, and nutrition.

kids cooking pizza

Our goals are to make cooking accessible and help kids learn where their food comes from and how to create delicious, healthy meals.

We offer different kinds of classes, so you can pick what suits your family best, whether it’s mastering the basics, cooking up a storm, or baking delicious treats.

We’ll equip your child with skills they’ll use for life and make the kitchen their favorite place.

Calling all young chefs! Our cooking camp is a super fun adventure where your child will build their culinary skills from the ground up.

We start with the basics, like kitchen safety, learning about ingredients, and staying organized. Then we’ll dive into the exciting stuff, like mastering knife skills, cooking like a pro, and whipping up fantastic recipes.

Our aim is to give your child a well-rounded culinary education and cooking skills. By the end of the camp, your child will be a kitchen superhero, totally self-sufficient and ready to create delicious dishes for your family. So get ready for a week of tasty adventures!

Our cooking clubs for kids and teens offer a comprehensive series of classes that take them on a journey through the fundamental building blocks of cooking. Whether they’re a beginner looking to boost their kitchen confidence or an experienced home cook eager to refine their skills, our clubs have something for everyone.

Upcoming Classes for Kids & Teens

Fluffy Confections

This class offers an opportunity for kids to learn how to make a variety of fluffy confections, including piped marshmallows, soft nougat, and whipped ganache, perfect for impressing family and friends at gatherings or enjoying a special treat.

For information on our class policies including food allergies, cancellations, and what to expect, visit our FAQ page.

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