Cookbook: The Mocktail Club

Skip the bar—and the alcohol—with mocktail recipes that bring the fun of a speakeasy right to your couch! The Art of Mixology meets mocktails in this beautiful collection of 75 alcohol-free recipes for classic drinks, new flavor concoctions, and twists on old favorites, so you can experience the joy of cocktail creation without the booze!

If you are looking to experience the joy of cocktail mixology without the bar, crowd, or booze, The Mocktail Club has you covered! As more and more people embrace the alcohol-free lifestyle, the range of mocktail recipes continues to grow. From plays on classic cocktails to mocktails to new flavor concoctions, the options are endless. The 75 creative mocktails in this book are all about fresh ingredients, classic flavors, and keeping the booze out, so you can bring the fun of a classic cocktail bar right to your couch.

Learn to make the delicious, alcohol-free recipes for:
-Whiskey Sidecar
-Citrus Rose Martini
-Blackberry Gin Basil Smash
-Golden Fruit Daiquiri
-Spicy Pineapple Margarita
-And more!

With full color photos, this sophisticated book will make a great addition to any home bar. Embrace the mocktail movement with all the flavors you love without the alcohol with The Mocktail Club! Cheers!

Derick Santiago is a certified mixologist based in Southern California. He is the creator of @MocktailWiz, an Instagram page and website dedicated to craft mocktails, non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, and mindful mixology techniques. He has worked as a mocktail recipe designer, photographer, and video creator with leading brands in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Find out more at