Kristin Loomans, team member of the book kitchen.

Krista Loomans
“The Communicator”

Krista’s journey is a testament to her diverse experiences and dedication to her community. After embarking on a transformative adventure with the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan, she brought her valuable international development skills to Washington, D.C. From there, her path took an unexpected turn as she transitioned into becoming a potter’s apprentice. She honed her craft while working with a catering company, focusing on the art of bread baking.  

Krista made her way back to her roots in Wisconsin, where she decided to merge her love for people and food. She rolled up her sleeves and ventured into the fields of Shooting Star Farm, one of The Book Kitchen’s partners, immersing herself in the vibrant world of organic vegetable farming. Most recently, Krista helps to sell vegetables at their farmers’ market stand, an experience she absolutely cherishes. This role has allowed her to connect with her community, showcasing her unwavering commitment to food makers and producers and the importance of eating local foods.

Krista’s unique combination of people skills, creativity, and deep love for her community make her an invaluable asset to The Book Kitchen. Her journey from international development to pottery and baking to farm work and community engagement exemplifies her boundless dedication to creating a positive impact in the world around her.

Krista calls Mineral Point her home, where she resides with her husband, Aaron, and their two sons, Neddy and Jasper.